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Source: Modern Witchcraft
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “To My Brother Masons” [chapter 14]
Author(s): Howe, Mary Elizabeth
Publisher: none given
Place of publication: Salt Lake City, Utah
Year of publication: 1908
Pagination: 139-42 (excerpt below includes only pages 140-42)

Howe, Mary Elizabeth. “To My Brother Masons” [chapter 14]. Modern Witchcraft. Salt Lake City: [n.p.], 1908: pp. 139-42.
excerpt of chapter
society (criticism); presidential assassinations (comparison); McKinley assassination (personal response); Emma Goldman; Secret Service (criticism).
Named persons
James A. Garfield; Emma Goldman; William McKinley.
Authorship of the book is credited to Mary Elizabeth, a pseudonym.

From title page: Modern Witchcraft; or, The Use and Abuse of Mind Power.


To My Brother Masons [excerpt]

     Now, dear brothers, seeing that man-made systems have made millionaires of a few, [140][141] blackmailers and criminals of many men, and prostitutes of thousands of God’s best women, do we not begin to see that the bottom has fallen out of the old ship of state, and that we must tear down and rebuild? “All things must be made new.” State institutions foster and beget criminality.
     Thousands of innocent people are robbed of their liberty and those of sound mind are illegally placed in asylums.
     Of the class mentioned I must say they should be removed from the rule of political ringsters and medical abusers. The afflicted should, by all means, be under the control of Christian people, and women should be placed in charge of women. When the blackmailers were after me, for the purpose of confining me in an asylum, I would have been glad to have been housed and protected, even in an asylum, had I been assured that I would not be abused by bad men, but the fact that they arrested me and took me to jail when I was innocent proved to my thought that their intent was to abuse and destroy me.
     A political clock that can be so adjusted as to cover such iniquitous dealings, is a menace to civilization.
     Had Garfield, our martyred president, not given warning of the danger facing this nation, from the lawyers, he would in all probability be living today; also the late President McKinley.
     One of their methods is that of committing a [141][142] crime, run to cover, and have the newspapers under their control take up the cry of Socialism, anarchy, Emma Goldman, etc. Emma Goldman is a good woman, and is willing to suffer to free mankind. The Secret Service hounds put their tools among the reformers for the purpose of creating discord and disruption, committing crime, then mislead the public into thinking that the earnest, honest reformers are the evil-doers.



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