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Nature Suffrage
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “Church and State in America”
Author(s): Mabee, Charles R.
Publisher: American Association for the Taxation of Church Property, Inc.
Place of publication: Buffalo, New York
Year of publication: 1917
Pagination: 105-33 (excerpt below includes only page 109)

Mabee, Charles R. “Church and State in America.” Nature Suffrage. Buffalo: American Association for the Taxation of Church Property, 1917: pp. 105-33.
excerpt of chapter
McKinley memorialization; McKinley assassination (personal response); William McKinley (death: religious response).
Named persons
Grover Cleveland; William McKinley.
From title page: Every Man and Woman, Married or Single, Inherits at Birth, the Inalienable Right to Live in Harmony with the Immutable Laws of Nature.

From title page: By Charles R. Mabee, M. D.

Church and State in America

     The monuments we see erected to the memory of William McKinley are religious monuments. Had McKinley died a natural death, instead of being assassinated, and had he died without addressing his last words, “Not my will, but thy will be done,” to the Christian God, these monuments would not have been erected, and his memory would have been less cherished than that of Cleveland, who, although not a churchman, was not guilty of duplicity.