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Source: Public Papers of Benjamin B. Odell, Jr.
Source type: government document
Document type: proclamation, state governor
Document title: “Proclamation on Anniversary of the Death of President M’Kinley”
Author(s): Odell, Benjamin B., Jr.
Volume number: 2
Publisher: J. B. Lyon
Place of publication: Albany, New York
Year of publication: 1907
Pagination: 242

Odell, Benjamin B., Jr. “Proclamation on Anniversary of the Death of President M’Kinley.” Public Papers of Benjamin B. Odell, Jr. Vol. 2. Albany: J. B. Lyon, 1907: p. 242.
full text
proclamations (Governor Odell, New York); McKinley memorialization.
Named persons
James. G. Graham; William McKinley; Benjamin B. Odell, Jr.
Despite the attribution of authorship of this document herein to Odell, readers should be aware that such attribution is based solely on his status as the “generator” and signer of the document rather than proof that he actually composed the text.

From title page: Public Papers of Benjamin B. Odell, Jr., Governor, for 1902.


Proclamation on Anniversary of the Death of President M’Kinley



Executive Chamber    

     September fourteenth, 1901, will be forever memorable as the date and day of the death of one of America’s greatest statesmen, citizens and patriots. The tragedy which took from the sphere of active life William McKinley, demonstrated also the stability of our government. It is proper therefore that our people while extolling and revering the memory of our lamented President, should also render thanks that his devotion to our country and its interests is an inspiration for better citizenship and truer manhood.
     I therefore request the clergy of our State to hold appropriate ceremonies on Sunday, September 14, 1902, to which our people may go and by their presence testify their faith in our country and in the Divine Being upon whose guidance the future of our republic depends.

[L  S]
In Witness Whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and caused the Privy Seal of the State to be affixed at the Capitol in the city of Albany this eleventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and two.

B. B. ODELL, JR.    

By the Governor:

          JAS. G. GRAHAM

                Secretary to the Governor



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