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Source: State Hospital Quarterly
Source type: government document
Document type: article
Document title: “Resignation of Dr. Arthur W. Hurd”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: May 1918
Volume number: 3
Issue number: 3
Pagination: 278-79

“Resignation of Dr. Arthur W. Hurd.” State Hospital Quarterly May 1918 v3n3: pp. 278-79.
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Arthur W. Hurd; Czolgosz physicians.
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Judson B. Andrews; Arthur W. Hurd.


Resignation of Dr. Arthur W. Hurd

     By the resignation of Dr. Arthur W. Hurd, superintendent of the Buffalo State Hospital, on March 19, the State Hospital system has lost a cultured, able and efficient superintendent.
     Dr. Hurd was born in Galesburg, Illinois, December 26, 1858, and received his early education in his native State. He received the degree A. B. and later A. M. from Knox College, Galesburg, Ill., and his medical education at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Department, Columbia University, New York City, where he was graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1883. After graduation he was resident physician in Bellevue Hospital in New York, and in the Workhouse and Almshouse Hospital on Blackwell’s Island. This experience was supplemented by a course of study in Europe, and on his return in 1885 he became a member of the medical staff of the Buffalo State Hospital, being appointed second assistant physician by Dr. Judson B. Andrews, the first superintendent of this institution. In 1889 Dr. Hurd was promoted to the position of first assistant physician, and in November, 1894, was made superintendent to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Dr. Andrews the preceding August.
     During the 32 years he has been connected with the Buffalo State Hospital, Dr. Hurd has labored conscientiously and zealously, not only to improve the institution with which he was connected, to promote the welfare and happiness of the patients, and create harmony and loyalty among the employees, but to gain the good-will and cooperation of the public and to banish a general feeling of prejudice against State hospitals, which was the result of antiquated methods of treatment in common use prior to the days of State care. He gave his time freely to those seeking advice, and his uniform kindness of heart and pleasing personality made many deep and lasting friendships. He possessed unusual executive ability, which was early recognized by the offer of other important positions. He was always familiar with [278][279] details of management; ready at all times to listen to and carefully weigh complaints; to sympathize with and help those in trouble, and always eminently fair in his dealings.
     While his paramount interests were with the institution of which he was superintendent, his activities extended to many subjects of public welfare, including the care and treatment of the insane in general; better provision for the feeble-minded; medical instead of penal care for inebriates and drug habitués; preventative measures; betterment of social conditions and many charities.
     He was, at one time, professor of mental diseases in the University of Buffalo, and has always been an active member of many medical and social societies, in recent years having been president of the County Medical Society and the Academy of Medicine. At present, he is a member of the Buffalo Academy of Medicine, Erie County Medical Society, New York State Medical Society, The American Medical Association, The American Medico-Psychological Association, Sons of the Revolution, Saturn Club, University Club, Pundit Club, Medical Club of Buffalo, Historical Society and Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences.
     He has been a frequent contributor of scientific articles to the various societies and medical journals and these give evidence of his wide knowledge in psychiatric and general topics.
     Dr. Hurd leaves the service with the sincere regrets of all those with whom he has been associated. It is hoped that for many years he may enjoy the rest and comfort earned by his long, faithful service in behalf of the mentally afflicted.



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