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Source: Chicago Banker
Source type: journal
Document type: news column
Document title: “Banks, Bankers, and Trust Companies”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: October 1901
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 2
Pagination: 116-25 (excerpt below includes only pages 119-20)

“Banks, Bankers, and Trust Companies.” Chicago Banker Oct. 1901 v9n2: pp. 116-25.
McKinley memorialization (currency); William McKinley (death: government response).
Named persons
James A. Garfield; Benjamin Harrison; William McKinley.


Banks, Bankers, and Trust Companies [excerpt]

     The question of placing the portrait of the late President McKinley on National bank notes is now being considered by the Treasury officials. The $5 bills have had no portrait other than that of President Garfield since his death in 1882. It [119][120] is expected that the coming Congress will adopt portraits of both President Harrison and President McKinley on the new issues to distinguish the 5s and 10s.



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