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Source: Chemist and Druggist
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “The Death of Mr. McKinley”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 21 September 1901
Volume number: 59
Issue number: 12
Pagination: 515

“The Death of Mr. McKinley.” Chemist and Druggist 21 Sept. 1901 v59n12: p. 515.
full text
McKinley assassination (international response); London Commercial Sale-Rooms (telegrams); William McKinley (presidential policies); Roosevelt presidency (predictions, expectations, etc.).
Named persons
William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt.
The editorial (below) appears in a section of the journal titled “Trade Report” (pp. 515-18).


The Death of Mr. McKinley

     The lamentable assassination of Mr. Wm. McKinley, President of the United States of America, is a subject of general regret in business circles. As soon as the news of his death was received here on Saturday morning last the London Commercial Sale-rooms were closed as a token of sympathy, and the following telegram was sent to the American Ambassador:—

     The members of the London Commercial Sale-rooms desire to respectfully express their deep regret and sympathy with the family of the late President and the people of the United States in their terrible bereavement.

It is unnecessary for us to refer in this place to Mr. McKinley’s protective policy, which so seriously influenced our exports of heavy chemicals to the United States. It is believed that his opinions on protection latterly underwent a change, and while Mr. Roosevelt, his successor in the Presidency, is to maintain his policy, those who are familiar with Mr. Roosevelt’s writings cannot have failed to observe a catholicity of feeling which augurs well for a continuance of the excellent business relations between the United Kingdom and the United States.



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