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Source: Dental Brief
Source type: journal
Document type: article
Document title: “Resolutions on the Deaths of Dr. Charles S. Inglis and President William McKinley”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: December 1901
Volume number: 6
Issue number: 12
Pagination: 750-51

“Resolutions on the Deaths of Dr. Charles S. Inglis and President William McKinley.” Dental Brief Dec. 1901 v6n12: pp. 750-51.
resolutions (Central Dental Association of Northern New Jersey); McKinley assassination (public response); anarchism (public response); anarchism (laws against).
Named persons
Frank L. Hindle; Ida McKinley; William McKinley; F. Edsall Riley; William E. Truex; Joseph S. Vinson; P. G. Voegtlen.
The article (excerpted below) appears in a section of the journal titled “Obituary.”

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Resolutions on the Deaths of Dr. Charles S. Inglis and President William McKinley

     THE following resolutions of respect were adopted at the meeting of The Central Dental Association of Northern New Jersey, held at Newark, on Saturday, October 19, 1901:


     WHEREAS, Our Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom and judgment, has seen fit to call from his earthly labors our beloved President, William McKinley, who while in attendance at the Pan-American Exposition, at Buffalo, was struck down on Friday, September 6, 1901, by the hand of an avowed anarchist; and [750][751]
     WHEREAS, The hearts of the people of this great nation have been sorely tried by the unexpected and awful bereavement; and
     WHEREAS, The cruel and unjustifiable assassination of our President was a severe blow dealt at our American institutions, so dear to the heart of every patriotic citizen; therefore be it
     Resolved, That we, the members of The Central Dental Association of Northern New Jersey, at this our first fall meeting, do hereby express our profound sorrow for the loss sustained by these United States in the death of our illustrious President, William McKinley, by which sad event the nation has lost an able chief executive, a brave soldier, a wise and able statesman, a devout and earnest Christian, and a pure and noble man; therefore be it
     Resolved, That we denounce in the strongest terms as unworthy of citizenship those whose teachings are hostile to American institutions, and that it is our sentiment that stringent laws should be enacted whereby anarchy and all its followers would be forever kept from this our fair land of liberty; and be it further
     Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to Mrs. McKinley, as a token of the deep sympathy which we, as American citizens and admirers of her noble husband, feel for her, and also that a copy of these resolutions be spread on the minutes of this Society, and also that copies of the same be sent to the different dental journals.

FRANK L. HINDLE, Chairman,
Executive Committee.          


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