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Source: Iowa Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: news column
Document title: “Medical News”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 15 October 1901
Volume number: 7
Issue number: 10
Pagination: 669-83 (excerpt below includes only pages 679-80 and 682)

“Medical News.” Iowa Medical Journal 15 Oct. 1901 v7n10: pp. 669-83.
resolutions (Roentgen Society of the United States); McKinley assassination (public response); William McKinley (medical care: use of X-rays); William McKinley (medical care: criticism: public response); resolutions (Medical Society of the Missouri Valley); William McKinley (death: public response).
Named persons
William McKinley; Roswell Park; Heber Robarts; Vernon L. Treynor.
The following excerpt comprises two nonconsecutive portions of this news column (pp. 679-80 and p. 682). Omission of text within the excerpt is denoted with a bracketed indicator (e.g., [omit]).

The first portion of the excerpt (below) concerns the second annual meeting of the Roentgen Society of the United States, which was held at Buffalo, NY, on September 10-11, 1901 (p. 678).


Medical News [excerpt]

Owing to reports bombarding members and gleening [sic] from dropped words here and there at the interum [sic] of sessions, and publishing the same as official, the president, Dr. Heber Robarts, St. Louis, Mo., introduced the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: [679][680]
     “Resolved, That this society assembled express its deepest sense of sorrow for the recent affliction inflicted upon William McKinley, our president of the United States; that our society has profound confidence in the wisdom and ability of the great surgeons in charge, and condemn any and all unkindly remarks that have unfortunately, been publicly or privately expressed concerning the uses of the Roentgen rays, relying, as we do, on mitigating circumstances, known to the surgeons only.
     “Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be stricken off and sent to Dr. Roswell Park, a member of the society.”



     The fourteenth annual session of this society convened in St. Joseph on Thursday, September 19, President Treynor in the chair. After passing resolutions on the death of the president, the society adjourned to allow its members to attend the McKinley memorial services.



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