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Source: Medical Fortnightly
Source type: journal
Document type: proceedings
Document title: “Mississippi Valley Medical Association”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 10 October 1901
Volume number: 20
Issue number: 7
Pagination: 663-74 (excerpt below includes only page 674)

“Mississippi Valley Medical Association.” Medical Fortnightly 10 Oct. 1901 v20n7: pp. 663-74.
resolutions (Mississippi Valley Medical Association); McKinley assassination (public response); William McKinley; William McKinley (mourning).
Named persons
I. N. Love; William McKinley; Andrew Timberman; Henry O. Walker.
Additional information reported elsewhere in Medical Fortnightly about the meeting (below) can be viewed by clicking here (25 Sept. 1901) and here (10 Oct. 1901).

“Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh Annual Meeting, held at Put-in-Bay Island, Ohio, September 12, 13 and 14, 1901” (p. 663). Specifically, the activity below occurred on 13 September.

“Stenographically Reported for The Medical Fortnightly” (p. 663).


Mississippi Valley Medical Association [excerpt]

     The following resolutions were offered:
     “Our President is dead. Our President who accomplished the unification of our country; the abolition of sectional lines; the expansion which made us a world power, his last public utterance being in favor of peace, international reciprocity and sympathy, has been removed by the enemies of society.
     “We are overwhelmed with sorrow and personal grief for the death of the greatest of the world’s rulers; for one who, from the standpoint of statesmanship, political foresight, sympathy with all the people, morality, the sweetest features of personal character and home-life, appealed to the appreciation of and affections of every citizen.
     “A professional sorrow and disappointment taking the place of a hope that had inspired us from the first day the Nation’s calamity overwhelmed us.
     “Joining in the personal grief and bereavement from which every true and loyal American citizen is this day suffering, we, the members of the Mississippi Valley Medical Association, in our twenty-seventh annual meeting assembled, do postpone the further presentation and consideration of special papers, in token of the love and respect with which we shall ever cherish the memory of our martyred President, William McKinley.

H. O. WALKER, M. D.,
I. N. LOVE, M. D.,

     On account of the death of President McKinley, a motion was made and unanimously adopted by a rising vote, that the papers listed for the third day be read by title, referred to the Committee on Publication, and that the Association adjourn out of respect to the distinguished dead.



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