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Source: Northwestern Lancet
Source type: journal
Document type: report
Document title: “A Report of the International Congress of Nurses”
Author(s): Coleman, Cornelia
Date of publication: 15 November 1901
Volume number: 21
Issue number: 22
Pagination: 465-67 (excerpt below includes only page 466)

Coleman, Cornelia. “A Report of the International Congress of Nurses.” Northwestern Lancet 15 Nov. 1901 v21n22: pp. 465-67.
McKinley memorialization.
Named persons
Charlotte McLeod.
The activity below occurred at Buffalo, NY.

From page 465: By Cornelia Coleman, Minneapolis.


A Report of the International Congress of Nurses [excerpt]

     Miss McLeod, chief superintendent of the Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada, spoke on “District Nursing in the Dominion.” The order undertakes to teach district nursing. Only nurses holding diplomas from some recognized hospital or training school, and who come highly recommended, are considered eligible for the course of training in district nursing. When she enters she is pledged for two years’ service, and must be prepared to go anywhere in the Dominion for district nursing, or to serve in one of the cottage hospitals. She is provided with an outfit, and receives a salary of not less than $300, with maintenance and laundry. It was suggested that an organization be perfected in this country, similar to the Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada, called the William McKinley Order, and that the nation’s support be given to such an organization, instead of contributing a fund for a mammoth marble shaft to the martyred president’s memory.



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