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Source: Philadelphia Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Harmony Among the President’s Doctors”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 28 September 1901
Volume number: 8
Issue number: 13
Pagination: 500

“Harmony Among the President’s Doctors.” Philadelphia Medical Journal 28 Sept. 1901 v8n13: p. 500.
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yellow journalism; McKinley assassination (news coverage: personal response); William McKinley (medical care: personal response).
Named persons
Matthew D. Mann; William McKinley.


Harmony Among the President’s Doctors

     The vicious extremes to which yellow journalism can go in this country were well shown last week in the attempt made by more than one New York newspaper of that stamp to stir up strife among the surgeons in President McKinley’s case. It was currently reported in Buffalo a few days ago that a representative of one of these newspapers had openly declared that his paper was in possession of “interesting” facts relating to the subject, and that these facts would make splendid sensational matter now that the immediate excitement over the President’s case had subsided. Anything more characteristic could not be conceived. It might be supposed that yellow journalism were sufficiently under a cloud already because of its ribaldry toward the late President, and that as a mere matter of self-preserveation [sic] it would elect to lie low.
     We are happy to be able to state on the direct authority of Dr. Mann in a personal interview (supplementing what the whole staff had just said over their own signatures) that the most complete harmony prevailed all through the progress of the case. It is indeed a cause for congratulation that in a case so fraught with national sorrow, the bearing of all the physicians and surgeons has been a fine example of the force of professional esprit and tradition.



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