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Source: Philadelphia Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: “A Correction”
Author(s): Graham, George S.
Date of publication: 26 October 1901
Volume number: 8
Issue number: 17
Pagination: 668

Graham, George S. “A Correction.” Philadelphia Medical Journal 26 Oct. 1901 v8n17: p. 668.
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Leon Czolgosz (trial).
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“Note by the Editor.—The error, which we greatly regret, was ours” (p. 668).

“By George S. Graham, Esq., of Philadelphia” (p. 668).


A Correction

     Dear Sir:—In your publication of my comments upon the Czolgosz case, an error appears which I would like to correct. It may be my mistake in omitting two letters in the writing of the article; or, a typographical error on your part.
     I am made to say “If the counsel had medical testimony tending to prove sanity and did not produce it to the jury,” etc., whereas I should have appeared as saying “If counsel had medical testimony tending to prove insanity,” etc.
     The law presumes sanity in every person accused of crime. No evidence could be offered on the subject of the prisoner’s sanity before it was assailed. The Commonwealth could not offer to prove affirmatively what the law assumed to exist. The prisoner’s counsel would only be concerned to prove insanity, to rebut the presumption of law. One can readily see how inappropriate and senseless the language attributed to me in the article must be. If you will kindly place me properly before your readers, I will be grateful to you.



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