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Source: Free Society
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “Splinters”
Author(s): Isaak, Abraham, Jr.
Date of publication: 20 April 1902
Volume number: 9
Issue number: 16
Pagination: 4

Isaak, Abraham, Jr. “Splinters.” Free Society 20 Apr. 1902 v9n16: p. 4.
Johann Most (sentencing); anarchism (government response); anarchism (laws against); anarchism (government response: criticism); anarchists (New York); Czolgosz, Roosevelt, and Anarchy [pamphlet]; anarchism (newspapers, magazines, etc.).
Named persons
Johann Most [variant first name below].
Click here to view the Jay Fox essay “Roosevelt, Czolgosz and Anarchy.” It is not known whether the title given below is incorrect or if Fox’s essay was published a) under different titles and/or b) in multiple versions.

Authorship of the editorial column is credited to “Jr.”


Splinters [excerpt]

     Newspaper dispatches have it that the New York Supreme Court has confirmed the sentence of the lower court against John Most. Thus the judicial ontrage [sic] against him is now coolly consumated [sic]. Further details are not yet on hand.


     New York now has a law “against Anarchy,” compared with which the “omnibus sections” 249 and 250 of the Russian penal code will have to take a back seat.


     Several comrades in New York have been arrested for distributing the pamphlet “Czolgosz, Roosevelt, and Anarchy.” Their cases were postponed by the police magistrate, who hoped to have them arraigned under New York’s sanguine law concerning “Anarchy.”



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