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Source: Independent
Source type: magazine
Document type: article
Document title: “An Experiment in Anarchy”
Author(s): Slosson, E. E.
Date of publication: 2 April 1903
Volume number: 55
Issue number: 2835
Pagination: 779-85 (excerpt below includes only page 779)

Slosson, E. E. “An Experiment in Anarchy.” Independent 2 Apr. 1903 v55n2835: pp. 779-85.
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Leo Tolstoy.
“By Prof. E. E. Slosson of the University of Wyoming” (p. 779).

“Laramie, Wyo.” (p. 785).


An Experiment in Anarchy [excerpt]

THE word “anarchist” is altogether too vague to mean anything, except that the person is one possessed of an indefinite discontent with the prevailing order of things. It covers the chronic kicker, the philosophic dreamer, the assassin and the non-resistant. We might well discard a word which includes equally a Tolstoy and a Czolgosz; one who overthrows the will of the majority by his own act and one who objects to having his own acts controlled in any way by the will of the majority.



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