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Source: Ladies’ Home Journal
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “An Explanation from the Editor”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: January 1902
Volume number: 19
Issue number: 2
Pagination: 2

“An Explanation from the Editor.” Ladies’ Home Journal Jan. 1902 v19n2: p. 2.
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Ladies’ Home Journal; McKinley assassination (news coverage).
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William McKinley.


An Explanation from the Editor

SOME of our readers find it difficult to understand why, in the case of the “Question Box,” and the “Prize Photographs” series, we do not announce the winners of one month in the next issue. The explanation is simple: Take the question in this issue, to which answers may be sent until January fifteenth. By that time we shall be almost ready to mail the February number to subscribers, since it must be in everybody’s hands ten days later—January twenty-fifth. By January fifteenth, too, the editors’ work on the March number will be completed, so THE JOURNAL leaves the hands of the editors nearly two months before it reaches the subscribers.
     Some were inclined to criticise us because no mention was made in this magazine of the assassination of President McKinley. The President died on September fourteenth. The first subsequent number was the October issue, which left the editors’ hands August fifth—nearly six weeks prior to the President’s death. The November issue was virtually completed before he was shot. The first number, therefore, in which the event could have been referred to was the December number. What would have remained at that time for us to say? Would it have been pleasant to recount so tragic an event at the festal Christmas season? Besides, the sentiments of the house which publishes THE LADIES’ HOME JOURNAL were fully expressed in THE SATURDAY EVENING POST.
     With an edition of 900,000 copies certain things are impossible. A large circulation has disadvantages in some ways. But if THE JOURNAL did not have the income which this edition insures we could not give our readers the costly magazine that they get to-day.



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