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Source: Lucifer, the Light-Bearer
Source type: magazine
Document type: article
Document title: “The Chicago Prisoners”
Author(s): Harman, Moses
Date of publication: 21 September 1901
Volume number: 5
Issue number: 36
Series: third series
Pagination: 293

Harman, Moses. “The Chicago Prisoners.” Lucifer, the Light-Bearer 21 Sept. 1901 v5n36 (3rd series): p. 293.
full text
Emma Goldman (incarceration); Abraham Isaak; anarchists (Chicago, IL: incarceration); McKinley assassination (investigation of conspiracy: Chicago, IL).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Emma Goldman; Abraham Isaak.
The date of publication provided by the magazine is September 21, E. M. 301.

Whole No. 883.

Alternate magazine title: Lucifer, the Lightbearer.


The Chicago Prisoners

     As we go to press—Wednesday, Sept. 18, Emma Goldman, Abraham Isaak, editor of “Free Society”, his son and several others charged with complicity with Czolgosz, are still in jail, notwithstanding the confessed inability of the police to find any evidence to sustain such charge. It is reported that the prisoners prefer to remain in jail awhile longer rather than risk the danger of being mobbed by the law and order loving citizens of Chicago.



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