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Source: Mirror
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: “Insulting Grief”
Author(s): Reedy, William Marion
Date of publication: 26 September 1901
Volume number: 11
Issue number: 33
Pagination: 4

Reedy, William Marion. “Insulting Grief.” Mirror 26 Sept. 1901 v11n33: p. 4.
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Ida McKinley (widowhood); Ida McKinley (grieving); the press (criticism).
Named persons
Authorship of the editorial (below) is credited to Uncle Fuller, a pseudonym of William Marion Reedy.

The editorial (below) appears in a section of the magazine titled “Reflections” (pp. 3-4).


Insulting Grief

     IS it not about time that the special correspondents should stop the espionage upon the movements of the stricken lady at Canton, Ohio? Cannot grief have privacy? And is not the cheap sympathy of the accounts that are sent forth daily about the lady’s actions an insult to that grief?



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