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Source: Woman’s Work for Woman
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: December 1901
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 12
Pagination: 325-26

[untitled]. Woman’s Work for Woman Dec. 1901 v16n12: pp. 325-26.
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McKinley memorial services (Nanking, China); William McKinley (death: international response).
Named persons
Samuel Cochran; William McKinley.



     IN a recent letter Dr. Samuel Cochran told of the honors paid to the memory of President McKinley in a significant service held at the Methodist University, Nanking, China, on Sept. 22. The Consul, formerly a Methodist [325][326] minister, gave an appropriate address. The Viceroy, prevented by illness from being present in person, sent a mandarin of lofty position as his representative. A group of dignified officials to the number of thirty-five, wearing magnificent robes of brocade in many colors, were there in official capacity, the literary order seated on one side of the chapel, and the military opposite. British and German consuls attended in uniform, and a large contingent came from the warships in the harbor. The boy from Canton, Ohio, who became by God’s grace soldier, statesman and President of his nation, was literally mourned around the globe. Considering how lately the fires of persecution were blazing in China, this incident is a remarkable tribute to Mr. McKinley’s wisdom and goodness. The Viceroy of this province deserves our gratitude for his kind interference in behalf of foreigners in the Yangtse [sic] valley in 1900. “Destroy all foreigners,” was the fiendish order of the Empress. This brave Viceroy changed this to “Protect all foreigners,” and proceeded to do so.



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