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Source: Afro-American-Ledger
Source type: newspaper
Document type: notice
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Baltimore, Maryland
Date of publication: 2 November 1901
Volume number: 10
Issue number: 13
Pagination: [5]

[notice]. Afro-American-Ledger 2 Nov. 1901 v10n13: p. [5].
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McKinley assassination (popular culture); McKinley assassination (reenactments); McKinley funeral services (popular culture); McKinley funeral services (reenactments).
Named persons
William McKinley; W. D. Winston.



The Assassination and Funeral Ceremonies of

President McKinley,

     In Life Motion Pictures as presented by Prof. W. D. WINSTON, is drawing crowded houses everywhere.
     Everybody is anxious to witness the great tragedy and the incidents attending it. Prof. WINSTON is also presenting the “Passion Play.” The following are some of the future engagements;
     Perkins Square Baptist, Monday, November 4th.
     Eastern M. E., Tuesday, Nov. 5th.
     Sharp Street Memorial, Wednesday, November 6th.
     Israel Bapt., Thursday, Nov. 7th.
     Grace Presbyterian, Friday, Nov. 8th.
     Mt. Airy Bapt., Monday, Nov. 11th.
     Shiloh Bapt., Tuesday, Nov. 12th.
     Bethel A. M. E., Thursday, Nov. 14th.
     Centennial M. E., Nov. 15th, “P. P.,” and Monday, Nov. 18th, “P. P.”
     Mt. Olive A. M. E. Zion, Monday and Tuesday, Nov. 18th; “P. P.” and 19th.
     Ty[?]on M. P., Thursday, Nov. 28th, Passion Play.
     Macedonia Bapt., Thursday, Nov. 21st.
     John Wesley M. E., Thursday, November 28th.



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