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Source: Buffalo Evening News
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “President’s Day Tomorrow”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Buffalo, New York
Date of publication: 4 September 1901
Volume number: 42
Issue number: 124
Pagination: 1

“President’s Day Tomorrow.” Buffalo Evening News 4 Sept. 1901 v42n124: p. 1.
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Pan-American Exposition (President’s Day); Pan-American Exposition (President’s Day: events, schedule, etc.).
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President’s Day Tomorrow

     In honor of the visit of the Chief Magistrate of the Nation, tomorrow will be President’s Day at the Exposition.
     The occasion is expected to be the greatest in every respect that has taken place since the gates of the City Beautiful were thrown open to the public.
     Partisanship will be asleep while the official head of the Nation is the guest of the Exposition, and all the people will turn out to greet him in a manner befitting the office as well as the city.
     The programme for the day is as follows:
     Arrival of the President and his escort at the Lincoln Parkway Gate, 10:15 A. M.
     Address by the President to the multitude in the Esplanade, from grand stand on the Triumphal Bridge at 10:30 A. M.
     Review of the troops in the Stadium by the President at 11:45 A. M.
     Tour of the Canadian, Agricultural, Honduras, Chilian, Cuban, Mexican, Dominican, Porto Rican and Ecuador buildings by the President, 12:15 P. M.
     Luncheon at the New York State Building at 1:45 P. M.
     Reception at the United States Government Building at 3:15 P. M.
     View of the illumination of the buildings and grounds, 7:45 P. M.
     Special display of Pain’s fireworks, including the largest and most magnificent ever seen, 8 o’clock.
     The Exposition visitors will be entertained tomorrow by the Marine Band, Salem Cadet Band, Kirk’s Band of Cleveland, Lund’s Pan-American Orchestra, and the organ recital in the Temple of Music; also by drills of the Corcoran Cadets, a battalion of the 7th Regiment of New York, and the United States Marines, Hospital Corps, Coast Artillery and the Life-saving crew.
     Incidental attractions will be found in the following:
     Exhibit buildings,
     Fine Arts Building,
     U. S. Government Building,
     Electric Fountain,
     Illumination Electric Tower and grounds,
     U. S. School exhibits.



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