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"Hello, I'm William McKinley."
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Publication information
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Source: Burlington Hawk-Eye
Source type: newspaper
Document type: illustration
Document title: “Profile View of the Assassin”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): unknown
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Burlington, Iowa
Date of publication: 14 September 1901
Volume number: 63
Issue number: 83
Pagination: 8

“Profile View of the Assassin.” Burlington Hawk-Eye 14 Sept. 1901 v63n83: p. 8.
full image of illustration
Leon Czolgosz (illustrations).
Named persons
Title herein taken from caption.

This image, as it appears in the microfilmed version of the newspaper, is somewhat smudged with ink along a vertical line traveling through the image and beyond in both directions. For this reason the image (below) has been judiciously edited (i.e., “cleaned up”) in order to remove the smudging while maintaining the integrity of the original drawing.


Profile View of the Assassin




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