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Colman’s Rural World
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “From the Pan-American Exposition”
Author(s): Miller, Samuel
City of publication: St. Louis, Missouri
Date of publication: 18 September 1901
Volume number: 54
Issue number: 37
Pagination: 3

Miller, Samuel. “From the Pan-American Exposition.” Colman’s Rural World 18 Sept. 1901 v54n37: p. 3.
Pan-American Exposition (President’s Day).
Named persons
The article below is a field report that was apparently dispatched by mail to the newspaper’s home office. This would account for the lateness in reporting given that President’s Day at the Exposition was Sept. 5.

From the Pan-American Exposition

     This is McKinley Day, and Old Glory floats from every flagstaff and pinnacle. Every exhibit in the Horticultural Building shows the patriotism of those in charge by a display of the national colors. The attendance is very large—116,640 people entering the grounds. The people seem anxious to pay their respects to our chief executive.
     The music of the bands and roar of the artillery were enough to stir the patriotism that dwells in the heart of every true American. Many of our neighbors across the line (Canadians) joined heartily in the jubilee.

Horticultural Building, Pan-American Exposition.