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Source type: newspaper
Document type: illustration
Document title: “Death Chamber in Auburn Prison”
Image size (in source, approx. h x w): unknown
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Louisville, Kentucky
Date of publication: 30 October 1901
Volume number: 97
Issue number: 11991
Series: new series
Pagination: 1

“Death Chamber in Auburn Prison.” Courier-Journal 30 Oct. 1901 v97n11991 (new series): p. 1.
full image of illustration
Auburn State Prison (execution chamber: illustrations); Auburn State Prison (electric chair: illustrations).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz [in notes].
Descriptive text accompanying the illustration reads: “Room in Which the Execution of Czolgosz Took Place, Showing Chair in Which the Assassin Died. The Chairs Against the Wall Were for the Use of the Jury.”

The illustration (below) accompanies an article on the same page titled “Leon Czolgosz Killed.”

Title herein taken from caption.

Image courtesy of Internet Archive.

Death Chamber in Auburn Prison