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Source: Duluth Evening Herald
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “So Saith the Stars”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Duluth, Minnesota
Date of publication: 18 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: none
Pagination: 1

“So Saith the Stars.” Duluth Evening Herald 18 Sept. 1901: p. 1.
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Roosevelt presidency (predictions, expectations, etc.).
Named persons
Alexis Constantin Carl Pfuhl [first name misspelled below]; Theodore Roosevelt.


So Saith the Stars


Astrologer of Berlin, Germany, Prepares the Horoscope of President Roosevelt.

     Toledo, Ohio, Sept. 18.—Alexias Constantin Carl Pfuhl, of Berlin, Germany, temporarily located at Toledo, has prepared the horoscope of President Theodore Roosevelt, which will be found full of statements which the professor believes will prove true; statements fixed on the relation of the sun, moon and the planets, one to the other. The tenth degree of zodiacal sign Aquarius ascended; Uranus, who was the ruling planet of Aquarius, was stationed serene in the mid-heaven, in the zodiacal sign agittarius [sic]. This indicates that the president will rule with a firm hand, and that he will be a second George Washington in the way of reform; that he will be absolute master of the situation in which he is placed; that all his moves and actions will be quick, sudden, unexpected, to the point, aggressive and yet mild. He will bring forward new plans, veto many bills, will not care if anyone likes or dislikes him, will constantly be before the public. Many inventions never dreamed of will come to the surface, and in governmental affairs he will be a success.
     The beautiful sextile as part of the moon to Uranus will give him strength from the general public, and shows that his success lies in his quickness and self-confidence. Jupiter, who is ruler of his friends and honored, approaches the twelfth house and Saturn, who is his planet of secret enemies, retrogrades towards his house of friends, indicating that he will make many secret enemies as the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will meet. This will be Nov. 28 1901, after which time the president will be much assailed by the clergy, who will prove his secret enemies.
     The position also shows that the cares of the exalted office will soon make him old and serious.
     Mars in the ninth house in his own home. Scorpio, in conjunction with the dragon head and arises in the second house, indicates that the leading policy of the president will be a large navy and merchant marine, and that much money will be expended for the building of the same.
     The sextile of Mars to Saturn and Jupiter will bring an unfoldent [sic] of our islands in the Pacific, and much trade will be concentrated there. The square of Saturn to Mercury is likely to bring trouble between some South American state and the union, but the exalted position of Mars and Uranus offsets this and smooths things over. The ever alert Uranus (who is the significator of the president or of his term of office) will be ready for all emergencies.
     The moon rules the cabinet in this ease [sic], and she, being in the restless sign Libra, with Venus and Mercury, will bring an entire new cabinet. The first member will change about Sept. 17. Also Sept. 19-20 will bring some officials into action. Sept. 21 to 23 will reveal public enemies. Oct. 1, 13, 14, 25 will bring a change in the cabinet; Nov. 2, 3, 4, 13, 14, will bring much honor; Nov. 27, 28, 29, at the grand conjunction of Saturn to Jupiter, will bring secret enemies, and in South American waters it will also bring a change to an aged official immediately connected with the president. December 23 to 27 are bad days—1901. Mercury is ruler of the White House in this case, and being in square to Saturn and Neptune, and intercepted, shows that the president will not like the comforts of the White House and that great changes will be made there. The Sun, 21 degress [sic] in Virgo, stands alone and above the horizon, shows that in nine months from date a great change comes to a western state, and in twelve months from date the Sun will be in square to Jupiter’s radii and brings a business change to a western state, but thirteen and a half months from Sept. 14, the change begun June 10 to 18, 1902, will become complete. The greatest work of the president will lay in Texas, Indianapolis, Albany, New York, and San Deigo [sic], Cal.



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