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Source: Evening Telegram
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Newport Society Startled by News of the Tragedy”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Providence, Rhode Island
Date of publication: 7 September 1901
Volume number: 44
Issue number: 67
Pagination: 14

“Newport Society Startled by News of the Tragedy.” Evening Telegram [Providence] 7 Sept. 1901 v44n67: p. 14.
full text
McKinley assassination (public response: Newport, RI); William McKinley (death: false reports).
Named persons
William McKinley.


Newport Society Startled by News of the Tragedy


(Special Dispatch to th[e] Telegram).

     Newport, Sept. 7.—When the news of the terrible tragedy befalling Presid[e]nt McKinley, becam[e] known yesterday [a]f[t]ernoon there was a general movement towards the newspaper off[i]ces to learn if the report was true, and truth of the terrible affair soon spread to all part[s] of the city and to all the mil[it]ary stations as well.
     Cottagers as well a[s] others drove down Thames street [sic] to hear of the news and the telephone off[i]ce was taxed to its utmost in keeping subscrib[e]rs in contact with the newspaper off[i]ces.
     A r[epo]rt cam[e] along during th[e] aftern[o]on to th[e] effec[t] th[e] president was dead, but this wa[s] soon corrected by [a]n [Ass]ociated Press dispatch denying such [w]as the result at that tim[e].
     Nothing aw[o]k[e] the people in all walk[s] of lif[e] in Newpo[rt] before as did thi[s] t[e]rrible affair.
     The women wer[e] a[s] much int[e]r[e]sted in the n[e]w[s] a[s] the m[e]n, they not only telephoning to [f]o[r] [t]he lat[e]st information, but some of th[e] gender [sic] [s]ex hope[d] th[e] man who ha[d] [s]hot th[e] pre[s]ident had been lynched.



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