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Source: Evening Telegram
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Unparalleled Strain on Buffalo’s Telegraph System”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Providence, Rhode Island
Date of publication: 9 September 1901
Volume number: 44
Issue number: 69
Pagination: 8

“Unparalleled Strain on Buffalo’s Telegraph System.” Evening Telegram [Providence] 9 Sept. 1901 v44n69: p. 8.
full text
McKinley assassination (use of telegraph); McKinley assassination (news coverage).
Named persons


Unparalleled Strain on Buffalo’s Telegraph System

     Buffalo, [S]ept. 9.—Not les[s] than 650,000 words were s[e]nt out of Buff[a]lo Saturday [b]y th[e] tel[e]gr[a]ph compani[e]s in sp[e]cial dispatch[e]s to newspap[e]rs [a]ll ov[e]r th[e] world. It i[s] dif[fi]cult for tho[se] who ha[ve] b[ee]n ac[c]u[st]om[e]d to l[i]m[i]t themselv[e]s [ca]r[e]fully to t[e]n word[s] in [s]ending a tel[eg]ram to r[ea]liz[e] wh[at] th[is] mean[s].
     A[s] [se]t and di[sp]laye[d] by th[e] n[e]w[sp]a[pe]r[s] th[a]t r[e]cei[ve]d th[e]m the[se] 650,000 [w]ord[s] [fi]ll[e]d nearly 500 column[s]. If on[e] new[sp]ap[e]r had r[e]ceived [a]ll the s[p]e[c]ials [se]nt out it would have had about eighty [s]ol[i]d [p]a[ges] of matt[e]r concerning [t]h[e] [p]r[eside]nt, exclu[s]i[ve] of illustra[t]ions and h[ea]dlin[es].
     Such a ta[x] on th[e] r[es]ources of th[e] [te]l[e]graph com[p]anies is w[i]thout a p[a]r[a]ll[e]l in Buffalo. In num[e]rous [i]nst[a]nc[e]s operators had to work constantly for thirty-[s]ix hours at a str[e]tch, leaving their instruments only lon[g] [e]nough to get [a] light lunch.
     The day forces on Friday [a]ft[e]rnoon w[e]r[e] continued through Fr[i]day night, and it was S[a]turd[a]y [a]fternoon before several of them could get [a] few hours of sl[ee]p.
     From all av[a]ilab[l]e parts of th[e] country add[i]tional o[p]erator[s] have b[ee]n ru[s]h[e]d to Buffa[l]o. About 1,700 opera[t]ors hav[e] been at work constantly for the la[s]t forty-[ei]ght hours, and th[e]re i[s] no sign of diminu[ti]on [i]n th[e] volum[e] o[f] business.



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