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Source: Freeman
Source type: newspaper
Document type: sports column
Document title: “Sport Time”
Author(s): Breakaway [pseudonym]
City of publication: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of publication: 14 September 1901
Volume number: 14
Issue number: 37
Pagination: [7]

Breakaway. “Sport Time.” Freeman 14 Sept. 1901 v14n37: p. [7].
McKinley assassination (African American response); anarchism (African American response).
Named persons
Breakaway; William McKinley.
The entire column is denoted as being “Edited by Breakaway.” No authorship beyond that is indicated for any portion of the column. The author’s self-referential comment in the concluding sentence of the first paragraph below is, therefore, the sole justification herein for accrediting Breakaway with authorship of the excerpt.


Sport Time [excerpt]

     The shooting of President McKinley will, in all likelihood, occasion a postponement of the international yacht races between the Columbia and the Shamrock II. If the president continues to improve the big races may be pulled off shortly, if otherwise the races may be put off for a month or more. But, if my memory serves me well, men of high rank in our government seldom, if ever, survive a bullet wound, for an assassin’s aim is usually true. As far as the races are concerned I don’t care if they never take place. Let’s turn our attention to home and law first of all, then pastimes. It is evident that the United States is the cesspool for the dumping of the scum of the earth, and with these low people comes that anarchistic spirit—a total disregard for law and order—exactly the same spirit that precipitates mob violence, “bungaloo” raids and misdemeanors in our country; the Negro being the victim nearly every time. If we would drive out of this country this treacherous element and keep them out we would have little, if any, need to weep as the country is doing at this writing. If a foreigner comes to this country let him come clean, if otherwise, reject him; but to McKinley’s assassin and accomplices give them the law’s extent. Mr. McKinley has proved himself a wonderful statesman with a matchless mind; the right man elected at the right time to save the country. Now let the colored people see that his bleeding and gapping [sic] wounds are fully avenged, and hope that in the course pursued the Negro will get protection in future as well as the noble white ruler. Breakaway is a strong McKinley admirer, and will take up arms in his defense any day, at the same time I am aware of the fact that I have no protection, myself.


     Whatever the results, if the president’s life is saved, it is due to a Negro’s alertness, for when the foul assassin had fired the second shot it was a colored man who knocked the anarchist dog down and wrenched the smoking revolver from him. A second longer the assassin would have emptied his revolver into the president. Can truer patriotism exist?


     Down with anarchy, up with the Negro.



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