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Source: Los Angeles Herald
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Supporter of Red and Yellow Flung into Lake Washington”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Los Angeles, California
Date of publication: 17 September 1901
Volume number: 28
Issue number: 352
Pagination: 2

“Supporter of Red and Yellow Flung into Lake Washington.” Los Angeles Herald 17 Sept. 1901 v28n352: p. 2.
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lawlessness (mob rule: Seattle, WA); anarchists (Seattle, WA).
Named persons


Supporter of Red and Yellow Flung into Lake Washington


(Special Dispatch to The Herald.)

     SEATTLE, Sept. 16.—An excited crowd of pleasure-seekers picked up an anarchist last night at Madison park and threw him into Lake Washington. This unexpected bath had a depressing effect on the supporter of red and yellow principles. He crawled out of the cold water a pitiable looking object and slunk away, followed by hisses and not a few threats of violence.
     Who the man is no one appears to know. He was a fairly well dressed and used good English. It was the opinion of some who saw him that his utterances were excusable to a certain extent owing to his condition, which verged on maudlin intoxication. His remarks were addressed to no one in particular, but were on the line of red hot anarchism. The crowd paid no attention to him a t [sic] first, but when he kept it up some one suggested that he be thrown int o [sic] the water.
     No sooner was the suggestion made than the offender was grabbed, hustled to the edge of the wharf and fired into the air. He fell about eight feet before striking the water. No one offered to help him out and he had quite a hard struggle to reach the shore.



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