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New York Press
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Secretary Hay Blames the Yellow Journals”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: New York, New York
Date of publication: 8 September 1901
Volume number: 14
Issue number: 5030
Part/Section: 1
Pagination: 1

“Secretary Hay Blames the Yellow Journals.” New York Press 8 Sept. 1901 v14n5030: part 1, p. 1.
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John Hay (public statements); yellow journalism; William McKinley (criticism); yellow journalism (role in the assassination); McKinley assassination (personal response).
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John Hay.

Secretary Hay Blames the Yellow Journals

     NEWBURY, N. H., Sept. 7.—The Secretary of State, John Hay, was seen this morning as he was preparing for his departure to Buffalo. He made the following statement:
     “The Yellow Journals for months and years past have branded the President of the United States as a dictator. It is not to be doubted that the fearful calamity which threatens the American people is due largely, if not exclusively, to the unscrupulous methods of politicians and journalists, who by their utterances have placed the Chief Magistrate of this Republic in the light of a monster, beyond the pale of known laws and known rights. The liberty of the press is a principle to be guarded as a sacred heritage by the American people, but liberty now has degenerated into license and is a menace to the Republic. The Yellow Journals of America are mere imitations of the lowest classes of journals in Continental countries, and by their methods are calculated to inspire sentiments in the minds of their readers that are not only un-Amercan [sic] but criminal. The recent attempt upon the life of the President is a case in point. The American people should learn the lesson that it teaches.”