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Source: Sunday Inter Ocean
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Chicago Man with M’Kinley”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Chicago, Illinois
Date of publication: 8 September 1901
Volume number: 30
Issue number: 168
Part/Section: 1
Pagination: 6

“Chicago Man with M’Kinley.” Sunday Inter Ocean 8 Sept. 1901 v30n168: part 1, p. 6.
full text
Albert Gallaher; Secret Service (protecting McKinley).
Named persons
Albert Gallaher; William McKinley; Thomas I. Porter.


Chicago Man with M’Kinley


Secret-Service Agent Gallaher One of President’s Guards.

     Albert L. Gallaher, United States secret-service agent in Chicago, was in attendance on President McKinley as one of his body guard [sic] when the shots were fired. A few days ago he left Chicago for the special detail in the East. At the time of President McKinley’s second inauguration Gallaher was one of his personal guards.
     The secret-service agent is of powerful build. He is fearless, and on some of his important missions for the government has had occasion to use his strength. Only a few months ago he was attacked by two prisoners at an elevated-road station. He jumped on one man and put his foot on the prostrate prisoner’s neck, while he grappled with the other. Mr. Gallaher has been Captain Porter’s right-hand man for ten years or more. According to the newspaper dispatches, he was not within reach of the President’s assailant when the assault was made. No word has been received from the official at headquarters in the Rand-McNally building.



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