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Source: Salt Lake Herald
Source type: newspaper
Document type: letter to the editor
Document title: “About Stcholgosh, ‘Ain’t It?’”
Author(s): Ellis, Charles
City of publication: Salt Lake City, Utah
Date of publication: 13 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: 111
Pagination: 4

Ellis, Charles. “About Stcholgosh, ‘Ain’t It?’” Salt Lake Herald 13 Sept. 1901 n111: p. 4.
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Leon Czolgosz; McKinley assassination (personal response).
Named persons
Charles Ellis.


About Stcholgosh, “Ain’t It?”

To the Editor of The Herald:
     This cuss, with the unpronouncable [sic] name, who shot the president, was hatched from an egg laid by a meaner reptile than himself. That is the thing to kill. This fellow had small brain and large enthusiasm. The latter overruled what common sense he possessed, and he was carried away by the idiotic notion that he would be doing something for the advancement of humanity if he killed the executive of our government.
     His incapacity to think his idea out is seen in the fact, patent to all, that the president is not the government. This shows that his teaching came from those who were trained in Europe and loaded their weapons for men who were the government. This poor assassin-in-will is the victim of some other murderer. To kill him and let that other go would be like killing the snakes in the field while those more dangerous ran free at home. When the president can talk he will say so.




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