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Source: Sydney Morning Herald
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “A Tribute by the Minister for Education”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Sydney, Australia
Date of publication: 9 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: 19811
Pagination: 7

“A Tribute by the Minister for Education.” Sydney Morning Herald 9 Sept. 1901 n19811: p. 7.
full text
John Perry (public statements); McKinley assassination (international response).
Named persons
John Perry.


A Tribute by the Minister for Education



NEWCASTLE, Sunday.     

     The Minister for Education (Hon. J. P[e]rry, M.L.A.), in the course of an address on the occasion of performing the ceremony of officially opening the Mechanic[s]’ Institute at N[e]w Lambton, in the Newcastl[e] district, yesterday afternoon, referred to the sad event in the following terms:—“It has given m[e] v[e]ry great pain indeed to have heard just now by wire that th[e] President o[f] the greatest democratic country in th[e] world has been shot. It is one o[f] tho[se] things that one can hardly realise. The heir to th[e] British Throne has recently passed s[a]fely through th[e] whol[e] of our States without an attempt being mad[e] to injur[e] a hair of his head. It seems to be b[e]yond realisation that in a democratic country where the suprem[e] ruler is a man who has fought his way from the rank[s] to th[e] highest pos[i]tion in his country, h[e] should [mee]t with so untimely an end. I am quit[e] sur[e] that what I say meets with the ready respons[e] of all present, and th[e] people ass[e]mbled here in New Lambton voic[e] th[e] feelings of the people of th[e] whole Stat[e] in expressing sympathy with th[e] American nation, and abhorrence at th[e] dastardly crime that has bee[n] perpetrated.”



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