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Sunday Morning Star
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Guarding the President”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Wilmington, Delaware
Date of publication: 29 September 1901
Volume number: 21
Issue number: none
Pagination: 4

“Guarding the President.” Sunday Morning Star 29 Sept. 1901 v21: p. 4.
full text
Secret Service (protecting Roosevelt); Theodore Roosevelt (protection); Theodore Roosevelt (plots against); John E. Wilkie (public statements); McKinley assassination (government response).
Named persons
Theodore Roosevelt; John E. Wilkie.

Guarding the President


Special to THE STAR.

     Washington, Sept. 28.—A tall, well-built, muscular Secret Service operative has been stationed since early yesterday morning in the little hallway adjoining President Roosevelt’s office. It is rumored that he was placed there because word had reached Washington that an anarchist was on his way to the capital, bent on taking the President’s life.
     Chief Wilkie, of the Secret Service, denied that he received any such warning, but admitted that the man was stationed there for precautionary reasons.
     “We felt that after the tragic affair at Buffalo, some means ought to be taken to more carefully guard the President,” said Wilkie, “and this is one of them.”