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Times and Democrat
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Saw Two Presidents Shot”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Orangeburg, South Carolina
Date of publication: 27 November 1908
Volume number: 40
Issue number: 57
Pagination: 1

“Saw Two Presidents Shot.” Times and Democrat 27 Nov. 1908 v40n57: p. 1.
full text
E. S. Kennedy; McKinley assassination (eyewitnesses); E. S. Kennedy (public statements); presidential assassinations.
Named persons
James A. Garfield; Charles J. Guiteau [misspelled below]; E. S. Kennedy; William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt.

Saw Two Presidents Shot


The Unique Experience of Mr. E. S. Kennedy.

     Alton, Ill., Nov. 24.—E. S. Kennedy, of East Alton, has sworn off calling on pre[s]idents for he is probably the only man in the Unite[d] States who has seen two president[s] of the United States assassinated. When President Garfield was shot b[y] Charles Giteau Mr. Kennedy was standing within a few feet of the chief executive and ran to his ai[d].
     “I was right on the spot when President McKi[n]ley was assassinated. I was in the line of people who w[er]e s[h]aking hands with the president. I saw a fellow with his arm in a sling. I was looking right at him when he shot the president.
     “I didn’t see Roosevelt just [b]ecause I was afraid I might see another president killed.”