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Source: Topeka State Journal
Source type: newspaper
Document type: article
Document title: “Bishop Hurst Dead”
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Topeka, Kansas
Date of publication: 4 May 1903
Volume number: 30
Issue number: 104
Pagination: 1

“Bishop Hurst Dead.” Topeka State Journal 4 May 1903 v30n104: p. 1.
John Fletcher Hurst (death); McKinley assassination (related tragedies).
Named persons
John Fletcher Hurst; William McKinley.
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Bishop Hurst Dead [excerpt]


Fatal Illness Began with News of McKinley’s Assassination.

     Washington, May 4.—Bishop John Fletcher Hurst of the Methodist Episcopal church died here at 12:40 o’clock this morning.


Bishop Hurst had been in failing health for nearly two years and for more than a year it had been recognized that a fatal termination of his malady was but a question of months.
     He was stricken with paralysis in London last September a year ago, when attending the Ecumenical conference. The news of President McKinley’s assassination prostrated him and the shock brought on rapidly the decline that finally ended in his death.



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