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Source: Times
Source type: newspaper
Document type: poem
Document title: “Ave Atque Vale”
Author(s): M., E. D. A.
City of publication: London, England
Date of publication:
20 September 1901
Volume number: none
Issue number: 36565
Pagination: 4

M., E. D. A. “Ave Atque Vale.” Times [London] 20 Sept. 1901 n36565: p. 4.
full text
William McKinley (mourning: poetry); William McKinley (death: international response).
Named persons
Alfred; George Washington.
This poem was written at the time of an anniversary celebration of Alfred the Great. A separate article printed immediately beneath this poem on the same page reads in part: “To-day the programme of the King Alfred Millenary Commemoration was modified in recognition of the mourning for the late President of the United States. The many flags now flying in Winchester were, of course, at half-mast. A muffled peal was rung at noon. A funeral march was played on the organ at morning and evening service in the Cathedral.”


Ave Atque Vale

Praise we the Dead! where once his grave
     Received to peace the Saxon King,
Do honour to the wise and brave,
     And let the world-wide nation sing
The memory of a thousand years—
Then hush! and think of others’ tears!

Beyond the western sea they fall
     From eyes that yet with joy behold
The kingly ancestor of all,
     The glory of the years of old;
But, o’er th’ Atlantic water-ways,
A mist of sorrow dims their gaze.

Again, within his city’s bound,
     Truth-teller Alfred stands in fame—
Beyond the sea, a mournful sound
     Re-echoes to the glad acclaim:
We listen to the passing-bell—
True child of Washington, farewell!

Up with our hearts! and overseas
     Swift be the word of friendship sped—
“You praise our hero-King, and we
     Lament with you your patriot dead:
In Sorrow’s name, one boon we crave—
Lay England’s wreath upon his grave!”



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