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Source: The Aristocracy of Health
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “Anarchy: Its Cause and Cure”
Author(s): Henderson, Mary Foote
Publisher: Colton Publishing Company
Place of publication: Washington, DC
Year of publication: 1904
Pagination: 538-44 (excerpt below includes only page 541)

Henderson, Mary Foote. “Anarchy: Its Cause and Cure.” The Aristocracy of Health. Washington, DC: Colton Publishing, 1904: pp. 538-44.
excerpt of chapter
Leon Czolgosz; McKinley assassination (personal response: prohibitionists, temperance advocates, etc.); liquor and liquor traffic.
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz.
From title page: The Aristocracy of Health: A Study of Physical Culture, Our Favorite Poisons, and a National and International League for the Advancement of Physical Culture.


Anarchy: Its Cause and Cure [excerpt]

     Enough is known of the antecedents of Czolgosz to show that the licensed saloon influence was most potent in his life. We are informed by the press that the father of Czolgosz was once the keeper of a drinking saloon in Cleveland. How little parents realize the effects of environment on their own children! how little they recognize that we all possess normal faculties of unknown power! that there is implanted in every normal human life the possibility of great usefulness, great achievement, great worth, great happiness, provided that influences nourish in the right direction!
     A Cleveland despatch [sic] says:—

     “Czolgosz worked in the Stroh Brewery in the East End. Anarchistic and socialistic agitators of the city gather frequently in the small saloons thereabout.”

It was from a “saloon hotel” that the son Czolgosz issued forth for his murderous errand; and eight out of ten suspects of possible accomplices in the crime, in Chicago alone, were arrested from the dram-shops of that poison-infested city.



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