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Source: Bell the Cat; or, Who Destroyed the Scottish Abbeys?
Source type: book
Document type: book chapter
Document title: “What Befell the Kirks” [chapter 15]
Author(s): Jamieson, John
Publisher: Eneas Mackay
Place of publication: Stirling, Scotland
Year of publication: 1902
Pagination: 226-49 (excerpt below includes only pages 231-32)

Jamieson, John. “What Befell the Kirks” [chapter 15]. Bell the Cat; or, Who Destroyed the Scottish Abbeys? Stirling: Eneas Mackay, 1902: pp. 226-49.
excerpt of chapter
Leon Czolgosz (religion); McKinley assassination (religious response).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz.
The excerpt (below) constitutes the full text of a footnote appearing in chapter 15 on pages 231-32.

From title page: Illustrated.


What Befell the Kirks [excerpt]

     With reference to this—the religious persuasion in which the wretched assassin, Czolgosz, was reared—the following important paragraph (says The English Churchman of October 31, 1901) has [231][232] been published by The Manchester Guardian:—“Everybody has heard that Czolgosz is a Jew. How he came to be a Jew no one exactly knows, but the matter is explained by all our American contemporaries, received by the last mail. It appears that directly after the crime was committed, an organisation of Popish Americans met in the churches of the St. Laurentius Catholic Order, in New York and Philadelphia—both cities are referred to by the journals—and decided that Czolgosz was a Jew! This was a clever method of disowning him. The police records, however, upset the scheme. They verified his Christian American birth, and his having been educated in a Roman Catholic school at Detroit.” To the French Catholic, the Jew and the Protestant are one and the same. The same idea is fostered by unprincipled priests in other Roman Catholic countries, and it may be the same in America. The scheme, thus exposed, was to make Czolgosz out to be not only a Jew but a Protestant!



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