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Source: Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900
Source type: book
Document type: article
Document title: “[MacDonald, Carlos F.]”
Author(s): anonymous [article]; anonymous [book]
Publisher: Biographical Directory Company
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1900
Pagination: 281

“[MacDonald, Carlos F.].” Biographical Directory of the State of New York, 1900. New York: Biographical Directory, 1900: p. 281.
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Carlos F. MacDonald; Czolgosz physicians.
Named persons
David Bennett Hill; Carlos F. MacDonald; Levi P. Morton; Lucius Robinson.
This book is copyrighted for 1899; however, 1900 is given on the title page as the year of publication.


[MacDonald, Carlos F.]

     MACDONALD, CARLOS F.—Physician, 85 Madison avenue [sic], New York City; residence Pleasantville. Born in Niles, Trumbull Co., Ohio, Aug. 29, 1845. Educated in Ohio public and high schools, at Iron City College in Pittsburg [sic], and at Bellevue Hospital Medical College (’69) in New York City. (Married.) Served in Civil War with Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry; on the staff of the Kings County Hospital at Flatbush, 1869-70; assistant physician in Flatbush Insane Asylum, 1870-3; superintendent of same, 1873-5; superintendent of the Auburn State Asylum, 1875-7; one of the managers of the State Inebriate Asylum at Binghamton (by appointment of Governor Robinson), 1877-80; again superintendent of the Auburn Asylum, 1881-9; president of the newly-created State Commission in Lunacy (by appointment of Governor Hill), 1889 to serve six years; re-appointed by Governor Morton, 1895; resigned in 1896; lecturer on insanity in Albany Medical College for two years. Now professor of mental diseases and medical jurisprudence in the University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College, with which he has been connected for fifteen years, and proprietor of Dr. MacDonald’s Home, a sanitarium for the insane at Pleasantville. Has revised the plans of all new hospital buildings erected by the State since 1891; attended and reported to the Governor the early electrical executions; has served on many special commissions in lunacy, and contributed numerous articles to the literature of mental diseases. Member New York County Medical and New York State Medical Societies, American Medico-Psychological Association and many others.



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