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Source: Jurisprudence, Law and Ethics
Source type: book
Document type: lecture
Document title: “Legal Ethics—Points of Professional Conduct” [lecture 23]
Author(s): Kinkead, Edgar B.
Publisher: Banks Law Publishing Co.
Place of publication: New York, New York
Year of publication: 1905
Pagination: 307-29 (excerpt below includes only pages 324-25)

Kinkead, Edgar B. “Legal Ethics—Points of Professional Conduct” [lecture 23]. Jurisprudence, Law and Ethics. New York: Banks Law Publishing, 1905: pp. 307-29.
excerpt of lecture
Leon Czolgosz (legal defense).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz [misspelled below]; William McKinley.
From title page: By Edgar B. Kinkead, M.A., Professor of Law, Ohio State University. Author of Works on “Torts,” “Code Pleading,” “Practice,” “Probate Law.”

From title page: Jurisprudence, Law and Ethics: Professional Ethics.


Legal Ethics—Points of Professional Conduct [excerpt]

     Another and more striking illustration of the duty of the lawyer to defend a prisoner at the bar, is the case of Czolgoz, the assassin of our late beloved President, William McKinley. This was one of the most uncalled for, heartrending, cruel murders recorded [324][325] in the annals of history. A most lovable and great man was slain by a miserable, worthless wretch, about whose guilt there was no question. Two distinguished lawyers, one an ex-chief justice of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, were appointed to defend the prisoner. There was some delay before counsel signified their intention to accept the appointment, and there was some question in the public mind as to whether or not they would defend such a depraved fiend, so plainly guilty. But they did, and merely sat by and saw that he was accorded a fair trial.



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