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Source: Official Catalogue and Guide Book to the Pan-American Exposition
Source type: book
Document type: essay
Document title: “The Exposition”
Author(s): anonymous
Publisher: Charles Ahrhart
Place of publication: Buffalo, New York
Year of publication:
Pagination: 11-63 (excerpt below includes only pages 25 and 38)

“The Exposition.” Official Catalogue and Guide Book to the Pan-American Exposition. Buffalo: Charles Ahrhart, 1901: pp. 11-63.
excerpt of essay
Temple of Music; Pan-American Exposition (emergency hospital).
Named persons
August C. Esenwein; Emmons Howard.
The following excerpt comprises two nonconsecutive portions of this essay (p. 25 and p. 38). Omission of text within the excerpt is denoted with a bracketed indicator (e.g., [omit]).

From title page: Official Catalogue and Guide Book to the Pan-American Exposition, with Maps of Exposition and Illustrations, Buffalo, N. Y., U. S. A., May 1st to Nov. 1st, 1901.


The Exposition [excerpt]



     The Temple of Music, one of the most beautiful of the Exposition buildings, is situated west of the central fountain of the Esplanade and south of the Machinery and Transportation building. It is a square-shaped building, the arched entrances at the corner giving it a circular appearance. It is surmounted by a tower covering the entire building and this is covered with a dome rising 180 feet above the main floor. The building is colored in light yellows, with gold and red trimmings, and the panels in the dome are in light blue, producing an extremely beautiful effect. The building occupies a space 150 feet by 150 feet, and was designed by Architect Aug. C. Esenwein of Buffalo, N. Y., and cost $85,000.
     It provides an auditorium capable of seating 2,200 people, and contains one of the largest pipe organs ever built in the United States, and daily organ recitals are given by the most celebrated organists of this country and Canada. The organ is the work of Emmons Howard of Westfield, Mass., and is equipped with all the latest improvements known to organ builders. The principal national holidays will be observed with musical festivals, and many of the most famous bands of both the New and Old Worlds will give concerts in the Temple of Music, and from the various other band stands of the Exposition grounds.



     An emergency hospital on the grounds has been provided by the Exposition Company. A competent staff of physicians will be found in attendance constantly. It is the first building to the right as one enters the Amherst gate. The structure is 30x100 feet and is provided with well-equipped operating rooms, sleeping rooms, etc., such as are in any up-to-date hospital.



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