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Source: Meyer Brothers Druggist
Source type: journal
Document type: column
Document title: “Army Hospital Corps”
Author(s): Leiblinger, Julius
Date of publication: June 1905
Volume number: 26
Issue number: 6
Pagination: 166-67

Leiblinger, Julius. “Army Hospital Corps.” Meyer Brothers Druggist June 1905 v26n6: pp. 166-67.
Pan-American Exposition (U.S. Army Hospital Corps); McKinley nurses.
Named persons
Herbert Curtis; William McKinley; Ernest Vollmeyer [in notes].
A photograph (“Detachment Hospital Corps on Duty with the Medical Department Exhibit, St. Louis, 1904”) on page 167 includes Ernest Vollmeyer, one of the “three men” referred to below.

“By Julius Leiblinger, Sergeant, First Class, Hospital Corps, United States Army, Washington Barracks, D. C.” (p. 166).


Army Hospital Corps [excerpt]

The Hospital Corps Detachment detailed at the Pan-American Exposition consisted of twenty men and three non-commissioned officers, with Sergeant, First Class, Herbert Curtis (now on duty in the Philippines) as senior; no better tribute to their conduct, ability, [166][167] and appearance can be paid than the fact that from their number were selected three men as attendants upon the late President McKinley, during the time he lay wounded.



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