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Source: Philadelphia Medical Journal
Source type: journal
Document type: news column
Document title: “American News and Notes”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 9 November 1901
Volume number: 8
Issue number: 19
Pagination: 755-57 (excerpt below includes only pages 755 and 756)

“American News and Notes.” Philadelphia Medical Journal 9 Nov. 1901 v8n19: pp. 755-57.
McKinley Memorial Hospital (Philadelphia, PA); McKinley memorialization (Philadelphia, PA); Leon Czolgosz (disposal of remains).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz.
The following excerpt comprises two nonconsecutive portions of the news column (p. 755 and p. 756). Omission of text within the excerpt is denoted with a bracketed indicator (e.g., [omit]).

The portion from page 755 (below) is from a section of the column titled “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, etc.” while the portion from page 756 is from a section titled “New York and New Jersey.”


American News and Notes [excerpt]

     A Temporary Smallpox Hospital.—The committee in charge of arrangements for the Meschianza, which is to be held at the Academy of Music November 11 to 16, for the benefit of the McKinley Memorial Hospital, has taken an important step toward fulfilling the object of their mission. A large plot of ground has been secured near Fort Mifflin, in the lower section of the city, upon which a temporary hospital will be erected for the treatment of smallpox and other contagious diseases.


     Czolgosz’s Body.—The fact that Czolgosz’s body was buried in sulphuric acid and quicklime has roused the ire of the chemists, for an equal quantity of these substances will exactly neutralize one another. Yet any excess of either material will rapidly destroy the body.



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