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Source: Texas State Journal of Medicine
Source type: journal
Document type: public address
Document title: “Classified Delusions of the Insane”
Author(s): Sellers, Robert B.
Date of publication: August 1910
Volume number: 6
Issue number: 4
Pagination: 100-02 (excerpt below includes only page 101)

Sellers, Robert B. “Classified Delusions of the Insane.” Texas State Journal of Medicine Aug. 1910 v6n4: pp. 100-02.
Robert B. Sellers (public addresses); Leon Czolgosz (mental health).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Charles J. Guiteau.
“Read before the Section on Mental and Nervous Diseases and Medical Jurisprudence of the State Medical Association of Texas, Dallas, May 12, 1910 ” (p. 100).

From page 100: By Robert B. Sellers, M. D., Comanche, Texas.


Classified Delusions of the Insane [excerpt]

     The most dangerous delusions are those of paranoia or delusional insanity. As this form is congenital, the delusions may begin early in life and become more pronounced as age advances. Those suffering from paranoia are always peculiar, and are classed as such by their friends while growing up. They are usually silent and unfriendly. Preferring to be alone, they shun the world. They feel slighted and believe that the world owes them a debt. These delusions also take the form of persecution until hatred for some one becomes so great that life may be taken, even that of the closest of friends. Before this crisis is reached, the patient will be very much depressed and uncommunicative. By virtue of contemplation their hatred and delusions become fixed and a natural part of life. Such persons are usually not recognized by the public at large until the explosion occurs and the crime is committed, as in the case of Guiteau and Czolgosz.



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