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Source: University of Kansas News-Bulletin
Source type: journal
Document type: public address
Document title: “Some Weaknesses of Modern Journalism”
Author(s): Villard, Oswald Garrison
Date of publication: 2 November 1914
Volume number: 15
Issue number: 6
Pagination: none

Villard, Oswald Garrison. “Some Weaknesses of Modern Journalism.” University of Kansas News-Bulletin 2 Nov. 1914 v15n6: [no pagination].
yellow journalism.
Named persons
William Jay Gaynor; William Randolph Hearst; William McKinley; John Purroy Mitchel.
From journal title page: Address Delivered at Kansas Newspaper Week, under the Auspices of the Department of Journalism, University of Kansas, May 10 to 14, 1914.

From journal title page: By Oswald Garrison Villard, Author, Editorial Writer and President of the New York Evening Post, New York.


Some Weaknesses of Modern Journalism [excerpt]

     As to public men, it is essential in a republic that there shall be the freest and fullest criticism of their deeds. But it must not be an incitement to crime; it must be based on sincere, well-considered and honest difference of opinion. Few public men in our American political life object to honest criticism; they do and they ought to object to the wicked misrepresentation of public officials by our chief apostles of yellow journalism. After the Triangle fire, in New York, the principal degrader of the press of the nation portrayed two of the best city officials that New York has known standing beside the gallows made ready for their alleged crime. For weeks it was necessary to guard these officials. Mr. Hearst is not deterred from assaults of this kind by the fact that his newspapers or clippings therefrom have been found on the men who assassinated McKinley, and have shot at Mayors Gaynor and Mitchell. There is a violence, a viciousness about attacks like this which make the tolerance of the public nothing less than amazing, and causes one to wonder how it is that such offenders against public morals have escaped mob wrath.



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