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Source: Weekly Underwriter
Source type: journal
Document type: column
Document title: “Facts and Opinions”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: 3 February 1906
Volume number: 74
Issue number: 5
Pagination: 78-84 (excerpt below includes only pages 78-79)

“Facts and Opinions.” Weekly Underwriter 3 Feb. 1906 v74n5: pp. 78-84.
Jack London (public statements); socialism; Leon Czolgosz (compared with Jack London).
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; Jack London; Theodore Roosevelt.


Facts and Opinions [excerpt]

     What the property interests of the country may expect from the Socialists when they secure control of the United States of America was proclaimed by their apostle, Jack London, in an address to Yale University men in New Haven last week. Jack says:

     When I write to a Socialist, I start the letter with the phrase, “Dear Comrade,” and I close the letter with the phrase, “Yours for the revolution.” That is the practice among 400,000 Socialists in the United States. There are throughout the civilized world 7,000,000 Socialists, organized in a great international movement. Their purposes are the destruction of bourgeois society, the doing away with the ownership of capital, and with patriotism; in brief, the overthrow of existing society. We will be content with nothing less than all power, with the possession of the whole world. We Socialists will wrest the power from the present rulers. By war, if necessary. Stop us if you can! The grip of Socialism is tightening on the world. The blood-red banner will soon be waving wildly in all winds. This is not a vague uprising. The propaganda is based on intelligence and on economic necessity. The workers as a class are fighting the capitalists as a class. The capitalists are in the minority. We are in the majority. All capitalists are bad and all workingmen are good. If people object to our program because of the Constitution, then to hell with the Constitution. Yes, to hell with the Constitution. President Roosevelt is frightened by our revolution. He says that class war is the greatest danger to the country. Class war is our watchword.

The 400,000 Socialists who, London says, permeate this country already, are almost wholly foreigners spewed out of Europe and seeking fortunes in this overhospitable land. Not a few are [78][79] rank anarchists, like London and Czolgosz. Americans can be depended upon to take care of them should there ever be need to do so.



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