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Source: Freedom
Source type: magazine
Document type: editorial column
Document title: “American Notes”
Author(s): anonymous
Date of publication: July 1902
Volume number: 16
Issue number: 169
Pagination: 33-34 (excerpt below includes only page 34)

“American Notes.” Freedom July 1902 v16n169: pp. 33-34.
McKinley assassination (personal response); Mark Twain; Leon Czolgosz (compared with Frederick N. Funston); McKinley assassination (international response: anarchists).
Named persons
Emilio Aguinaldo; Leon Czolgosz; Frederick N. Funston; William McKinley; Mark Twain.
Click here to view an excerpt from the Twain article referenced below (“A Defence of General Funston”).


American Notes [excerpt]

     It is interesting to know that, law abiding as he is, Mark Twain considers the action of General Funston (the modern hero who with some of his troops effected the capture of Aguinaldo by treachery) in appealing to Aguinaldo for food to keep him from starving, and by that means effecting his capture, was worse than the act of poor Czolgosz in killing McKinley. Says Mark: “Yet, bad as he (Czolgosz) was, he had not—dying of starvation—begged food of the President to strengthen his failing forces for his treacherous work; he did not proceed against the life of a benefactor who had just saved his own.” We should say to Mark: There is no comparison between poor Czolgosz and this vulgar scoundrel Funston; but we appreciate even this small favor to this poor boy who gave up his life for the downtrodden and exploited.



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