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Source: Metaphysical Magazine
Source type: magazine
Document type: article
Document title: “Prediction of President Roosevelt’s Administration”
Author(s): Erickson, Julius
Date of publication: November 1901
Volume number: 15
Issue number: 5
Pagination: 266-70

Erickson, Julius. “Prediction of President Roosevelt’s Administration.” Metaphysical Magazine Nov. 1901 v15n5: pp. 266-70.
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Roosevelt presidency (predictions, expectations, etc.).
Named persons
Bellona; John Brown; William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt.
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Prediction of President Roosevelt’s Administration

     We will now proceed to a careful analysis of the horoscope for the moment Theodore Roosevelt placed his hand upon the Bible, and subscribing to the constitutional oath, became the twenty-sixth President of this glorious land.

     By a singular and most remarkable coincidence, the signs Capricorn and Aquarius were rising at the moment Mr. Roosevelt [266][267] became President (the reader will note that these two signs were rising when McKinley was shot). Saturn is chief ruler, with Uranus co-ruler. However, I will make most of my deductions from Saturn as he is doubtless ruler. According to the rules of the ancient astrologers, this signifies that many alterations, amendments, or changes in the laws, customs, policies, treaties, religions, etc., of the land shall occur. Our enemies shall be confounded and the matchless, irresistible march of American supremacy will meet most wonderful impetus. Vast political problems, the like of which we do not dream of to-day, will present themselves for solution during his occupancy of the White House. He will prove himself a most consummate statesman, clever politician and wise ruler.
     The “Sun,” which in astrology indicates the President, and signifies “Shining from on high,” is in sextile aspect with the meridian of the horoscope, and in trine with the ascending degree; a very fortunate testimony. This denotes that the President will be entirely successful in all matters of international importance.
     The sign on the meridian of the horoscope is “Scorpio,” the most “martial” of all signs and as “Mars” rules that sign, and is located therein, it denotes that he will live and act his own personality and impress the Roosevelt idea of unceasing activity and energetic aggression on all public affairs; no half-hearted, halting, hesitating policy will find lodgment in the President’s active brain. A world-wide policy of sturdy Americanism will be developed. Its first evidence will be visible ere long.
     In spite of popular clamor from some parts of the country, the military and martial spirit will continue to pervade the land, for, with Mars highest elevated, the “Hero of San Juan” will have a tender regard for the disciples of the “god of war.”
     The position of Uranus in the eleventh house is an ill omen as it denotes strange and remarkable political changes. In congress there will be great liability of unusual opposition. There will be many bitter disputes, and some unusual political expedients will be resorted to. There are also some aspects denoting a remark- [267][268] able recrudesence [sic] of crime and outrages against the public peace and welfare; also plots, schemes, intrigues and fulminations against the government from unfriendly sources may be looked for. But Jupiter is in the twelfth house and therefore acts as a sort of protection (astrologically) for us against foes.
     There are omens that a terrible calamity will befall some school, eleemosynary or reformatory establishment in which the general government has some direct interest; it may be a training school of some sort. The same aspect also portends the death of some very intimate friend, relative, or cabinet official; probably the latter; this death will occur through “accident” or violence.
     It is remarkable that the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, in November of this year, will occur in the sign “Capricornus” which is the ascendant of this horoscope. This denotes that a new epoch, so to speak, will be ushered in in 1902; in these changes, the President will prove a remarkable figure, for he will be very victorious in most things.
     All classes may look forward to a period of material prosperity for some years to come; still, I bid speculators beware,—a crash is surely coming and securities will certainly drop to rock bottom.
     The Moon is singularly separating from Saturn and Uranus, which seems to symbolize the great sorrow the nation has just experienced; but she is now fortunately applying to Venus which adds promise of prosperity to our people and also denotes that the President will prove one of the most popular executives we have ever had. His picturesque aggressiveness will strike a responsive chord in the hearts of our people.
     The President has declared that he will carry out the policies of his predecessor; he will, but only in so far as they do not conflict with his own theories of government; then he will inject his own ideas into the policies he will pursue. Those policies will meet the seconding acclaim of the people.
     In the Prediction on McKinley occur these words: [268][269]
     “The President’s present cabinet will not all serve their full term, for a radical change therein is denoted.”
     I merely wish to re-affirm that prediction. In so doing I wish to direct attention to the fact that Mr. Roosevelt has asked them individually and collectively to remain with him during his entire term. We shall see.
     The Sun is the President’s general significator and is free from affliction of Saturn, Uranus or Mars; hence he need have no fear of deadly assault. Many rumors of plots against him will be heralded, but in most cases they will probably be hatched in the fertile brain of some fame-thirsting amateur detective.
     In spite of the fact that the people will be generally prosperous, a strong spirit or element of unrest will come to the surface. Dissatisfaction will be rife, as indicated by Mercury in evil aspect and applying to Saturn in the “house of sorrow, discontent, etc.;” hence there will be a constant groping and searching for some universal political panacea which will take the form of many gatherings, meetings and discussions by political and labor leaders.
     A national contest anent some will, legacy, treaty, agreement or some such affair will attract international attention and cause grave comment. The Sun and Moon signify our “foreign relationships” (governmental) and as they are both free from strong malefic influence I do not apprehend any serious results from certain matters of dispute with a foreign power which will manifest themselves ere long. Still, Mars is very strong in this horoscope and we shall witness a serious disagreement which may cause the timid to quake, but have no fear; “Bellona’s call” will not startle us, at least not during this term. The civil service will be extended by the President but will meet bitter opposition in congress and amongst his friends. Many of the old “stand-by” politicians will fall into oblivion, for a new set of comparatively young men will forge to the front and with more activity and aggressiveness, hold the reins of government. Trusts and commercial combinations will continue their uninterrupted march, for the present, but there is a dark day [269][270] ahead; slowly but surely the leaven of government ownership or regulation is working, almost imperceptibly, but the day is not far distant.
     When Congress assembles we shall be treated to many remarkable surprises in the political policies of our land, and some of the late President’s policies, which Mr. Roosevelt solemnly declared he would continue, will meet “death in the house of his friends.” The campaign of 1904 will reveal the beginning of the end of the Democratic party as now constituted, and as the Republican party arose, Phoenix like, from the ashes of the old Whig party under the reconstructive influence of Uranus, the planet which always signifies remarkable events of a revolutionary order, so will the Democratic party date its final rehabilitation from the crushing defeat which will be administered to it in the election of Mr. Roosevelt in 1904, by an unprecedented majority.


     After writing and dispatching the foregoing prediction, I received a letter from a correspondent who asks:
     “Does not the death of McKinley annul the balance of the prediction which may not, up to the present have been verified?”
     I answered, by no means! no more than did the death of John Brown stay or change the course of abolition. The “spirit” or “aura” of abolition was prevalent in the very “soul” of America. The “spirit” or “aura” of Wm. McKinley’s administration will be present during the continuation of the presidential term ending March 4, 1905. The reader will note that the latter prediction embraces many items not mentioned in the first horoscope. The “darkness” or “shadow” in the first horoscope in which the assassination was foreshadowed by the ominous ray of “Uranus” was dispelled in the culmination of that dreadful event. Hence the trend of events will continue along similar lines, though somewhat amplified by the indications as signified in President Roosevelt’s horoscope above submitted.



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