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Source: Auburn Bulletin
Source type: newspaper
Document type: editorial
Document title: none
Author(s): anonymous
City of publication: Auburn, New York
Date of publication: 3 October 1901
Volume number: 76
Issue number: 6771
Pagination: 4

[untitled]. Auburn Bulletin 3 Oct. 1901 v76n6771: p. 4.
full text
McKinley assassination (news coverage: criticism); yellow journalism; New Orleans Picayune; Auburn State Prison (illustrations); Auburn State Prison.
Named persons
Leon Czolgosz; William McKinley.



     REFERENCE HAS been made to the sensational stories which have been ground out by penny-a-liners, under date of Auburn, concerning Czolgosz, since his incarceration in the prison here. This misrepresentation was to be expected. Yellow journals demand sensationalism regardless of the facts, but one of the most amusing publications, growing out of the incarceration of the President’s murderer in the prison here, that has been brought to our attention is in the New Orleans Picayune of Sunday, which presents three double column “Views in Auburn prison, Sing Sing, N. Y.” There is, of course, little resemblance in the pictures to the real thing, though the views were possibly taken from some prison. One picture labeled “the main building” bears no similarity to Auburn prison. In the sketch of the chapel the “artist” came a little closer, but when he sketched the wall he must have had in mind the wall of Pekin [sic], instead of Auburn. In explanation of the pictures the Picayune says: “It is to the famous prison at Sing Sing, N. Y., that Czolgosz, the assassin of President McKinley, will be taken. Here all the criminals in New York State are confined when under death, and here also they meet their terrible [fate?] in the electric chair. Czolgosz will be put to death here in accordance with the sentence recently inflicted on him.” As a whole the Picayune’s pictures and text are amusing, but when distance is considered the inaccurracies [sic] are not so great as some of the stuff printed concerning the assassin in some of the Syracuse papers[.]



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