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 N. Jesse Converse

“Present at Tragedy.” Cheyenne Daily Leader 9 Sept. 1901 v34n299: p. [4]. VIEW


 Nash, George K.

SEE George K. Nash


 Nation, Carry A.

SEE Carry A. Nation


 National Association of Chiefs of Police of the United States and Canada

“Why Anarchy Is Rampant.” Iowa State Register 11 Sept. 1901 v46n214: p. 3. VIEW


 National Magazine

“Let’s Talk It Over.” National Magazine Oct. 1901 v15n1: pp. 124-28. VIEW


 National McKinley Birthplace Memorial (Niles, OH)

SEE McKinley memorial (Niles, OH)


 Naylor, Henry R.

SEE Henry R. Naylor


 Neumann, August E.

SEE August E. Neumann


 New York Evening Journal

SEE New York Journal


 New York Journal

“The Responsibility of Public Opinion.” Gunton’s Magazine Oct. 1901 v21n4: pp. 305-08. VIEW

“A Yellow Proceeding.” Life 7 Nov. 1901 v38n992: p. 367. VIEW


 Newall, Augustus N.

SEE Augustus N. Newall


 Newell Dwight Hillis


 Newell Dwight Hillis (public statements)

Hopkins, Alphonso A. “A Curse, a Crime, and the Cure” [chapter 10]. Profit and Loss in Man. New York: Funk and Wagnalls, 1909: pp. 251-82. VIEW


 Nicholas Senn

Senn, Nicholas. “Chapter XVIII.” Around the World via Siberia. Chicago: W. B. Conkey, 1902: pp. 347-67. VIEW


 Nicholas Senn (public statements)

“Dr. N. J. Senn on M’Kinley’s Hurts.” Chicago Daily News 6 Sept. 1901 v26n214: part 1, p. 1. VIEW


 Nicolay, John G.

SEE John G. Nicolay


 Niedzwiedzki, Henry Du Laurence

SEE Henry Du Laurence Niedzwiedzki


 Nieman, William

SEE William Nieman


 Nikola Golzosch

SEE ALSO Leon Czolgosz (fictionalization)

Babcock, Bernie. “Death to the Cat’s-Paw” [chapter 10]. With Claw and Fang. Indianapolis: Clean Politics Publishing, 1911: pp. 101-12. VIEW

Babcock, Bernie. “Victory of Anti-Christ” [chapter 9]. With Claw and Fang. Indianapolis: Clean Politics Publishing, 1911: pp. 89-100. VIEW


 Norris, Richard C.

SEE Richard C. Norris


 Northrop, Cyrus

SEE Cyrus Northrop


 Nowak, John

SEE John Nowak


 Nowak, Walter

SEE Walter Nowak



SEE McKinley nurses


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